Photographic Exhibition: ‘Voices in the Aftermath’

With contributions from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Kosova, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia and UK, the exhibition ‘Voices in the Aftermath’ is getting ready to be showcased in Edinburgh.

The Voices of Post Conflict Project received more than 50 photographs from human rights defenders, independent photographers and scholars  that have worked both in contexts of conflict and post conflict, and who were keen to share survivors’ accounts about their lived experiences.

Display of some of the materials received for the exhibition 'Voices in the Aftermath'

Display of some of the materials received for the exhibition ‘Voices in the Aftermath’

The Project Team has been meeting regularly, engaging with the materials and asking constant questions to it, in order to put together the Exhibition ‘Voices in the Aftermath’.

At this point, four sections have been created, each one corresponding to the way survivors’ voices were gathered and are represented graphically:

  1. Direct Voices (photographic materials created by survivors through participatory methods).
  2. Voices documented from the outside looking in (people or organisations that don’t live in the country where the experiences were documented).
  3. Voices documented from the inside looking out (narratives of ‘normal lives’ in post-conflict settings crafted by locals).
  4. Voices gathered by NGO working in the field.

Depicted in the exhibition are glimpses of the stories from former girl child soldiers in Colombia, narratives of migration and transitions to adulthood from young refugee women living in the UK, examples of women’s empowerment and struggles in Afghanistan, the daily lives and aspirations of post-revolution Egypt, the ‘forgotten’ women of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the simmering tensions impacting Hindus in Pakistan, as well as important NGO work and quotes from Central African Republic, Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosova.

The exhibition ‘Voices in the Aftermath’ will have a first opening on Tuesday,  30th September 2014 (4-6 pm) at the University of Edinburgh campus (Room 1.06, 50 George Square) and a second one on Friday, 3rd October 2014 (6-9 pm) at Whitespace Gallery (11 Gayfield Square).


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